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Greek Restaurant & Bar

Kali Orexi!
(Bon Appetit)

The Greek cuisine (Ελληνική Κουζίνα)

continues traditions from Greece and Byzantine cooking, incorporating Balkan, Eastern Mediterranean and Italian influences. Ingredients include fresh vegetables, olive oil, grains, wine, artisanal cheeses, seafood and meats.

Utilizing the herbs and flavors from the old country this is sure to be a mouthwatering experience.

And do not pass up dessert. The homemade filo pastries with nuts, fruit and honey are a must try!

Greek Streets

OPA a Greek word that is used as an expression or exclamation of joy & celebration.

Greek Food
Healthy Salad


Marinated Olives


Eclectic Menu

Traditional recipes that will take you to Greece.


Pastry chef Costas' handmade delights will satisfy any sweet tooth.


Enjoy a cocktail, beers from the PNW and Greek wines.

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